The San Diego Distillers Guild was created to promote the art of artisanal distilled spirits production in San Diego County. We are here to raise awareness about San Diego craft spirits throughout the city and beyond.

Old Harbor Distilling Co.

Striving to make San Diego’s finest craft spirits.

The founder and head distiller, Michael Skubic, is a well known presence from the local craft brew scene and his background includes a founding role at Hess Brewing Company. His talent, passion and affinity for craft beers led him to segue into a new pursuit of equal appeal, that of craft spirits. The name Old Harbor Distilling Co. is derived from the fact that San Diego is the oldest harbor in California; it was discovered in 1542 by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, but Juan originally called it San Miguel, which is also the name of Old Harbor's first release. A “Southwestern Gin” meaning that they used botanicals typically found in southwestern or Mexican cuisine.

Old Harbor Distilling Co. Bottles

Ballast Point

We make what we like to drink, and that doesn't stop at beer.

The same adventurous spirit that guided us from home brewers to professionals also inspired our journey into the world of distilling. We took our time, studied traditions, experimented with techniques, and ultimately began crafting award-winning spirits we are truly proud of. Whether straight from our custom-built hybrid pot and column copper Vendome still or rich from aging in a charred American oak barrel, we're confident you'll taste the dedication in each of our spirits. Ballast Point Spirits has been distilling since 2008 and operates a full distillery and spirits tasting room at their Scripps Ranch location on Old Grove Road.

Ballast Point Spirits

Kill Devil Spirits Co.

World Class Spirits Made by Hand in San Diego, CA

​Kill Devil Spirit Co. was established in 2011 in San Diego, CA by a small group of like-minded, rebellious geeks. The company is committed to the hand manufacture of world class spirits and testing the boundaries of traditional distilling practices. With every bottle produced the operation seeks to achieve a self-sustainability which contributes to local, global and environmental prosperity.

Kill Devil Spirits

Liberty Call Distilling

San Diegans enjoy their Micro-Brews enough to make San Diego the go to spot in the United States for Craft Beer. Known for discerning palates and a keen nose for artisanal beer, the locals have made San Diego a very respected and sought after destination for Micro-Brews. So why not spirits?

We are not trying to make bourbon in San Diego. Scotch should be made in Scotland, and Tequila should be made in Mexico. We want to make craft spirits that are indigenous to the City of San Diego. Crafted with care, and using techniques learned from Master Distillers, our goal is to create One-of-a-Kind Whiskeys and Rums that will have spirit lovers yearning for all things San Diegan.

Liberty Call Distilling, with the help of our friends, will make Hand Crafted, Locally Made Whiskeys and Rums that will help forever change the landscape of Spirits in Southern California.

Malahat Spirits

We set out to create the finest spirits for ourselves, our friends and our families. Our shared belief that the spirits industry could benefit from an infusion of innovation, experimentation and good old handcrafting brought us together to found the distillery.

To execute our vision, we commissioned two copper pot stills. The large dual column copper pot still was custom designed to fit into the skylight of the production facility, the only spot in the distillery tall enough for the towering copper columns. A smaller “experimental” copper still was designed for small batches for research and development to create our innovative recipes.

Malahat Spirits is currently focused on producing rum and whiskey. Fortunately, the production still is capable of producing any spirit, and more innovative spirits are on the horizon.

California Spirits Company

AVALON Silver Rum is custom designed to improve the flavors of all the most popular rum cocktails. It's superior smoothness and mixability was developed specifically to upgrade your current favorite rum based drinks. Whether it's a Mojito on the beach, a Hurricane on the strip, a hot buttered rum in front of the fire, or a rum & Coke at the club; AVALON raises the bar.

We believe this is the first rum designed from back to front. We started with the realization that silver rum is most often consumed in a cocktail, mixed drink, or punch. So, our rum should be tasted and tested in the same manner in which it's consumed. With this reverse-engineering approach, we've developed a clean, light, and balanced rum that enhances every cocktail we've tried it in... and we've tried a lot of them. We've spared no expense in designing our rum with the hopes that you'll be absolutely blown away by your next AVALON cocktail.

Twisted Manzanita Spirits

To Twisted Manzanita Spirits, the art of Craft Distilling was never a trendy catch word used for marketing purposes. Craft Distilling means from ingredient choice to finished product, our distiller and owner are involved in every detail.

When we started going down the distilling path, we made a vow to only use raw, fresh ingredients to distill our product. This means taking the time to understand what role each fresh ingredient plays in the distilling process. It also means no taking short cuts, using extracts or blending pre-distilled products. While the technology may be from a new generation, the ideology is from past generations. We understand the importance of detail and how they come across in taste. Craft Distilling truly is an art and we work HARD to maintain its integrity.


Purveryors of local craft spirits

Coin-Op Game Room

Coin-Op Game Room is located in the heart of North Park, just north of the Historic North Park sign at 30th and University. North Park’s recent gentrification has led to a diverse mix of cafes, coffee shops, breweries, and boutiques. The area has also become known for being home to some of the best craft cocktail and craft beer bars in San Diego. Come check us out!

We currently have 30 games at Coin-Op Game Room ranging from 1981 releases Galaga, and Frogger, to the 2014 version of Golden Tee. We focus on the Classics, with over half of our floor dedicated to games from the early 80’s. Among the 30 games on our floor we carry four Pinballs all ranked in the top 20 of all time by Our lineup includes Twilight Zone #2, Spiderman #9, White Water #16, and Metallica #17. Please click on our Games tab to view our current lineup.


Industries that support the craft goal

Old Harbor Distilling Co.

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